Sola Light Engine


SOLA light engine ®



Lumencor offers a bright, mercury-free, solid state lamp as an alternative the traditional mercury-containing arc lamps: the SOLA light engine. Both SOLA light engine models produce continuous white light from 380 to 680 nm. They are suitable for imaging all the most common fluorophores and fluorescent proteins. The SOLA SE II model may be controlled by every microscopy software in the market place. The SOLA SM II model is designed to operate via simple manual on/off control or with the aid of a foot pedal. Both SOLAs offer unprecedented access to solid state illumination at a price comparable to most metal halide light sources used in a host of life science equipment including fluorescence microscopes. While SOLA is very simple to operate, be assured it is also very powerful. Expect several watts of visible light pumped through the light guide, giving ample intensity for even the most demanding microscope applications.

Lumencor preserves performance with the SOLAs relative to the SPECTRA light engine predecessors in the form of powerful, cool, stable, robust, UV- and IR-free light. The SOLA light engine enables microscopists simple integration with existing filter cubes and hardware configurations. Power exceeds most spectral bands of the arc lamps. Cost of ownership is reduced relative to lamps because of long life time, no bulb or light guide replacements and energy efficient operation. The output spectral range is targeted for the VISIBLE spectrum, no deeper UV or IR is produced. Why would anyone use an arc lamp when a superior mercury-free alternative, SOLA, produces more light with less power, requires no maintenance, generates very little heat and is highly efficient in a compact design?

Customers will never again have to worry about arc lamp alignment, installation and replacement. The expected lifetime of the SOLA light engines is greater than 20,000 hours. Essentially no warm-up time and superior stability mean these are all usable hours with highly reproducible output power. Units ship with a warranty covering any failures with the light engine including parts and labor.

The SOLA SE II can be integrated with high end cameras. In so doing, it may be operated with light “on” only during camera exposure time. This prolongs sample life and minimizes photobleaching during sample illumination.


Multiple solid state sources operating simultaneously to produce white light

Wavelength Range
380 – 680 nm, OEM customizations upon request for UV and NIR

Power and Intensity
~ 2.5 W power and ~ 30-40 W/cm2 intensity with 3 mm dia liquid light guide (LLG)

Warmup Time
1 Second

Light Delivery
3 mm dia liquid light guide; LLG and microscope collimator sold separately

Easy to Install
Pre-aligned, simple to operate with hand switch or foot pedal, no maintenance

> 20,000 hours, 12 month warranty to end user

Control Interface
On/Off switch and optional foot pedal plug located on rear panel

Power Requirements
120 W, 24 VDC, 5 A

Dimensions (W x L x H)
12.5 x 16.3 x 26.3 cm3

3.6 kg

SOLA SE II includes 36 month warranty
SOLA SM II includes 12 month warranty

Control Interface
SOLA SE II: USB connector for SW control or optional Control Tablet, foot pedal plug SOLA
SM II: manual on/off, foot pedal plug

Download Sola-E Brochure      Download Sola SM Brochure