Upright Microscopes

Nikon Eclipse LV150N

Digital imaging combined with advanced optical system

A manual, nosepiece type microscope which meets the various needs of observation, inspection, research and analysis across a wide range of industrial fields. Higher NA and a longer working distance than ever before means superior optical performance and efficient digital imaging. Max. sample size: 150 x 150 mm.

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Nikon Eclipse L200N

200mm wafer and mask inspection microscope systems for reflected light defect identification.

Incorporating CFI60 optics for flawless inspection of 200mm wafers and masks.

Combined with Nikon’s superior CFI60 LU/L optical system and an extraordinary new illumination system, this microscope provides images with greater contrast, high resolving power and darkfield images three times brighter than before. Used independently, or in combination with wafer loaders, the L200 series performs exceptionally precise optical inspection of wafers, photo masks, reticles and other substrates.

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Nikon Eclipse L300N

Featuring Nikon’s most advanced optics for unparalleled inspection of the latest wafer types.

Nikon Eclipse L300N/L300ND FPD / Wafer Inspection microscopes incorporate Nikon’s renowned CFI60 infinity optics, offering the world’s highest level of optical performance. The enhanced epi-fluorescence function, which enables 365nm UV excitation, is optimal for the inspection of semiconductor resist residues on 300mm wafers and organic electroluminescence displays.

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Nikon Eclipse LV-DAF

The perfect upright microscope with an auto-focus system solution for Eclipse LV microscopes and OEM applications.

The LV-DAF delivers fast, versatile autofocus with the Hybrid Auto-Focus system, making the most of two types of auto focus systems. Combining slit projection and contrast detection auto focus, it features large focus range and fast tracking ability. A variety of observation methods are supported, including brightfield, darkfield and differential interference contrast (DIC), as well as various transparent samples.

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Nikon Micorospes for Semiconductor Inspection