Nikon DS Digital Cameras

Nikon DS-Ri2  USB 3.0 cMOS Camera

Fast, one-shot capture of ultra-high resolution color images.

16.25 megapixels (not interpolated) and accurate color rendition are features that make the DS-Ri2 an excellent choice for recreating color images as the eye sees them.

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Nikon DS-Qi2 USB 3.0 cMOS Camera

Capture low light fluorescence and large fields of view

High pixel density, high sensitivity and low noise are key features of the DS-Qi2 monochrome camera.

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Nikon DS-Fi3 Camera

Compact, high-definition, high-speed and high-sensitivity C-mount camera.

Nikon’s DS-Fi3 is a new high-definition color microscope camera equipped with a 5.9 megapixel CMOS image sensor. Its high-speed data readout, superior color reproduction and high quantum efficiency are optimal for imaging in various observations, such as brightfield, DIC, phase contrast and fluorescence observation.

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 NIS-Elements L Camera Controller

Intuitive camera control with a tablet PC

Easily view images and control image acquisition settings for the DS-Fi3 camera on a tablet PC using NIS-Elements L.

Note: For Windows® 10 Pro only. Nikon-specified tablet is included in NIS-Elements L.