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SPOT Xplorer cooled CCD camera for fluorescence microscopy

SPOT Xplorer™ Camera

The SPOT Xplorer deep cooled CCD camera provides exceptional low noise performance with -42°C regulated cooling. The SPOT Xplorer comes in monochrome and slider (enables both color and monochrome) version


SPOT Pursuit digital camera for microscopy

 SPOT Pursuit™ USB Camera

SPOT Pursuit digital cameras deliver fast frame rates with low read noise, making them an excellent choice for live cell imaging. Pursuit USB cameras use the Sony ICX 285, 1.4 Mp sensor, 14-bit digitization, and Peltier cooling to provide high signal to noise ratio for capturing dynamic events at low light levels. Its compact design and USB 2.0 interface make installation simple and its attractive price point make it a great value. The SPOT Pursuit models include monochrome, color and slider (enables both color and monochrome imaging) versions.


SPOT RT Microscopy Cameras SPOT RT3™ Camera

SPOT RT3 scientific digital CCD cameras are the reliable, time-tested workhorses of the laboratory. With their -43° C differential cooling, high QE sensors, and ease of use they are a well-rounded choice for standard fluorescence and brightfield core lab applications. The SPOT RT3 microscopy cameras are available in monochrome and slider (both color and monochrome) versions



SPOT Flex high resolution microscope cameraSPOT Flex™ Camera

The SPOT Flex shifting pixel CCD camera provides extremely high resolution, cooling, and a large field of view, producing impressive detail for large prints and low magnification microscopy applications. The SPOT Flex cameras are available in monochrome and color versions.


SPOT Insight digital laboratory cameraSPOT Insight™ Camera

The SPOT Insight scientific digital CCD cameras produce high quality brightfield images and are suitable for bright fluorescence work due to their low noise electronics. SPOT Insight cameras provide performance well beyond most cameras in its class due to its quantitative design and research grade components. They are available in wide field of view versions, and in both color and monochrome models for laboratory imaging.


SPOT Idea USB microscope cameraSPOT Idea™ USB Camera

The SPOT Idea USB microscopy cameras deliver high impact images for journal publication and industrial documentation at an economical price. The vivid color images will enhance your work. The SPOT Idea cameras are a great choice for pathology, life and material sciences, as well as the inspection and educational applications