Tetrad Dissection Microscope

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Tetrad Dissection Microscope

Ergonomic System Speeds Experiments In Yeast Genetics

The  TDM-KIT-C is an accessory package that converts a Nikon Ci Microscope to a comfortable and efficient tetrad dissction microscope. This fifth generation design includes a precision joystick micromanipulator, a holder for 100 millimeter petri dishes, a long working distance condenser,  and stage indexing.



The Joystick Micromanipulator is mounted to the left of the stage and moves in concert with the stage when the microscope is focused. The ball bearing slideways design enhances the preciseness and smoothness of the motion. The joystick moves the tool (not supplied) in the Y- and Z- axes, while movement in the X-axis is controlled by the rotation of a knurled knob.





The Nikon Mechanical Stage has adjustable, low coaxial controls on the right and the tetrad dissection kit provides click-stops every 5mm on the X- and Y- axes. The dish holder will accept 100mm plastic petri dishes from various manufacturers.





The Nikon Ci Microscope is available with a fatigue free LED illuminator (Ci-L) or with a 6V 30W halogen illuminator (Ci-S). For the latter an NCB11 blue filter is recommended. Both have a large diameter fine focus knob on the right side so that the focus and stage can be comfortably operated with one hand.

The standard optical configuration consists of two 15x widefield eyepieces, a Plan 2x scanning objective (working distance of 7.5mm), and a Plan 10x objective (working distance of 10.5mm).






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