Navitar-Modulation Optics


Hoffman Modulation Contrast® (HMC)

The Modulation Optics division of Navitar manufactures Hoffman Modulation Contrast (HMC) microscope components   and systems for use in live cell imaging applications such as stem cell   imaging, cancer study, and embryo and sperm monitoring during in vitro fertilization.

Ideally   suited for imaging colorless and transparent biological specimens, HMC   makes it possible to image active events in living cells with enhanced   sharpness and definition. Our products can identify and classify stem   cells in live cell observation and analysis systems.

The   blending of Modulation Optics’ technology with Navitar’s industry   experience enables us to be a valuable research and development partner   with companies developing the next generation of live cell imaging   systems. HMC technology can now be used in combination with Navitar’s   other illumination techniques such as DIC, darkfield, brightfield, and   fluorescence, to achieve spectacular images.