MVI Rotating Glide Stage




Rotating Glide Stage for Inverted Microscopy










The stage has a rigid rectangular frame that bolts to the microscope body in the conventional manner. A large, knurled circular plate provides the rotation, which can be centered so that the specimen will rotate on the optical axis.  Above this plate is a slightly smaller round plate which will glide on an X/Y plane when fingertip pressure is applied


  • Differential Interference Contrast – The shadow effect is directional, so rotating the specimen may enhance the contrast of certain structures
  • Polarized Light-Birefringent materials will change in intensity and sometimes color when the stage is rotated. (Note: The stage is not graduated in degrees for quantitative work, nor is the rotation as smooth as a ball-bearing movement.)
  • Imaging –The easiest way to frame an image on an inverted microscope is by rotating the stage.
  • Microinjection-By rotating the stage the specimen can be aligned to the micropipette, greatly facilitating injection of specimens, e.g. C elegans.

for TE300, TE 2000, and Ti (w/o Perfect Focus).

Included are two clips and two inserts with openings of 20 & 40mm


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