Upright Microscopes

Nikon E100 Student/Clinical

Newly developed LED illumination* and exclusive CFI infinity optics deliver clear, bright images at every magnification.

Designed for years of high quality use, the Eclipse E100-LED is an upright microscope with outstanding optical performance combined with elegant ergonomic touches. The E100-LED incorporates Nikon’s exclusive CFI infinity optical system and an high-intensity LED eco-illumination system that is IR-free, virtually eliminating eyestrain for users. In addition, advanced Nikon BE Plan Achromat objectives have been designed especially for the E100 with excellent optical corrections and very flat optical performance. This means clear, bright images at every magnification.

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Nikon E200 Student/Clinical

A routine or educational microscope featuring renowned Nikon CFI60 optics and LED illumination*.

The Eclipse E200-LED is a built-to-last, top-quality biological microscope ideal for basic laboratory use or educational purposes. With its newly developed LED Eco-Illumination system, the microscope produces brighter, sharper, crisper, and clearer images for a noticeably enhanced view. Best of all, the Eclipse E200-LED maintains the same operational ease and rigidity common to all Nikon microscopes and is compatible with many accessories for higher-grade Eclipse series microscopes.

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Nikon Ci-E/Ci-L/Ci-S

Introducing Nikon’s latest evolution in clinical microscopy.

The all-new Eclipse Ci Series features new ergonomics that make the microscope more comfortable than ever before, optical enhancements to speed up diagnosis time and digital imaging capabilities that go way beyond any microscopes in their class. And, for the first time ever, there’s a powerful motorized model that might possibly be the most advanced clinical microscope ever created.

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