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ItemDescription1Suggested Selling PriceCondition NotesManufacturerCategory
2100050/50 Beamsplitter50.0024mm x 24mm x 1mm for TMS-FChroma TechnologyFilter Beam Splitter
BG38-800Infrared Blocking Filter For E800 Flip-In Cassette10.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Blocking
BG38-600Infrared Blocking Filter For E600 Flip in Cassette5.00New in BoxChroma TechnologyFilter Blocking
BG38-35-2Infrared Blocking Filter 35mm Diameter 2mm Thick5.00New in BoxChroma TechnologyFilter Blocking
51019BSDichroic Mirror GFP/DsRed in 91002 Cube350.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Dichroic Mirror
61008BSDichroic Mirror CFP/YFP/DsRed Triple Band Set in 91002 Cube360.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Dichroic Mirror
400DCLP-26X-36Dichroic Mirror 400nm LP 26x36140.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Dichroic Mirror
D620-60-25Emission Filter 590-650nm 25mm Diameter$130.00Cy5 EmitterChroma TechnologyFilter Emission
D470-40X-25Filter130.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Emission
HQ645-75-18Emitter Texas Red 18mm Dia10.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Emission
D460-50-18Emission Filter 435-485nm 18mm Diameter10.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Emission
51004X-32Excitation Filter for TRITC 32mm Diameter50.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Exciter
51560x-32Excitation Filter f/FITC/TRITC Dual Band Set 32mm Diameter20.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Exciter
D436-20-25Excitation Filter 426-446nm 25mm Diameter In Nikon Ring130.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Exciter
21004Fully Reflective Mirror Up To 25mm Diameter2.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Mirror
41028EYFP/Venus/Citrine/Topaz Bandpass Filter Set in Nikon 91000 Cube$25.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Set
51001DAPI/TRITC Filter Set in 91002 Cube$350.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Set
51003DAPI/Texas Red« or DAPI/Propid Filter Set in 91002 Cube$350.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Set
51017CFP/YFP Filter Set in 91002 Cube$350.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Set
31002ATRITC (Rhodamine)/DiI/Cy3Ö For Redder Signal Filter Set (for 91002 cubes)375.00Chroma TechnologyFilter Set
210045-25Fully Reflective Mirror 25mm Diameter5.00Chroma TechnologyMirror
Custom-BrightfieldCustom-Brightfield200.00New in BoxChroma TechnologyMirror
21003-IRInfrared Polarizer up to 25mm Diameter$120.00Chroma TechnologyPolarizer
EXSHUT13Shutter Cable f/Insight Camera 1.3mm Plug to BNC 10 ft75.00New in BoxDiagnostic InstrumentsShutter
SMS16BWeighted Base Boom Stand W/24"vert. Pole220.00UsedDiagnostic InstrumentsStereo stand
99A080Filter Wheel Mounting Flange150.00LudlMotorized Accessories
99A047Shutter Flange Set, Nikon150.00LudlShutter
NN-NMounting Adapter for TE200/30035.00NarishigeMicromanipulator
SYR8Injection Syrnge5.00New In BoxNarishigeMicromanipulator
MO-155Joystick Micromanipulator1000.00UsedNarishigeMicromanipulator
90874Hik-3 Holder Keeper75.00New In BoxNarishigeMicromanipulator
90875Hd-21 Double Pipett Holder F/Biopsy50.00New In BoxNarishigeMicromanipulator
MQA12000DS-2Mv Color Digital Camera750.00New In BoxNikonCamera
MQD51900Digital Sight Remote Controller300.00New In BoxNikonCamera
99903HP Z400 Digital Imaging PC Processor: Xeon W Series 3.2GHz 6 Core
Ram: 24GB
Hard Drive: 300GB SATA Raptor 10k Mirrored Raid
Graphics: nVidia Quadro 600 1GB
Optial Drive: BlueRay Writer
Windows 7 64 bit O.S.
Peripheral Ports: 1 RS232
USB Keyboard & Mouse
Ports: 12 USB 2.0
IEEE 1394a
1 Audio In
2 Audio Out
2 Microphone In
2 PS/2

Slots: 2 PCIe X 16
2 PCIe X8
3600.00Used, from demo poolNikonComputer
77019657HP Z400 Digital Imaging PC Xeon 2.53 GHz Processor
8GB Ram
500GB x2 SATA (1TB
Striped RAID) Hard Drive
Lightscribe CD/DVD+-R Optical Drive
nVidia Quadro FX 580 512MB Graphics Card
1-ea RS-232 Serial Port
X2 Gigabit Lan
Windows 7-64 bit O.S.
2500.00Used, from demo poolNikonComputer
MCL73100E2 Phase Condenser N.A. 1.25
50.00Used In BoxNikonCondenser
90109Phase Ring Lwd Ph 15.00New In Box - for Diaphot 200/300 condenserNikonCondenser Accessory
90164Dic Nh Prism F/Oil Condenser300.00New In Box - For Diaphot 200/300, but can be reversed for TE300NikonCondenser Accessory
90181Dsc High Na Water Dic Cond300.00New In Box - For Diaphot 200/300, but can be reversed for TE300NikonCondenser Accessory
90213Dsc High Na Ph-4 Phase Annuli Dry50.00New In BoxNikonCondenser Accessory
90184(STPS) Illum. Booster Lens50.00Used - for inverted oil condenserNikonCondenser Accessory
90750-DRYPh1 For 0.85 Dry Top Lens150.00New In BoxNikonCondenser Accessory
90750-OILPh1 For 1.4na Oil Top Lens150.00New In BoxNikonCondenser Accessory
90223Dsc High Na Dic Nl Cond Prism Oil50.00New In Box - For Diaphot 200/300, but can be reversed for TE300NikonDIC
MBH72220Cc Dic Module Nm Oil N.A. 0.5-0.9100.00NewNikonDIC
MBH72340D-C DIC Module NR Oil500.00UsedNikonDIC
MBH74166CD DIC Slider PA60X Oil100.00New In BoxNikonDIC
MBH75168Cc Dic Slider Pa 60x Oil Ss A100.00New In BoxNikonDIC
MBH76220D-C DIC Slider 20x650.00UsedNikonDIC
MBL78600D-CUD Universal Condenser Dry1350.00Used In BoxNikonDIC
MEH44100Te-C Dic Module Nl(<0.5)150.00UsedNikonDIC
MEH44100Te-C Dic Module Nl(<0.5)150.00New In BoxNikonDIC
MEH47200Te-C Nm Module For High Na Dry150.00New In BoxNikonDIC
MEH52100T-C DIC Module LWD NI Dry750.00Used In BoxNikonDIC
VAG53100Dc20 D-Sub Monitor Cable 15 Pin 2m In Length Ouptput14.00New in BoxNikonDigital Imaging Accessory
84224Centering Telescope 220.00Used - for skinny tubesNikonEyepiece
MAK30100Cfi Uw Eyepiece 10x125.00UsedNikonEyepiece
MAK31100Cfi Uw Eyepiece 10x Pm250.00UsedNikonEyepiece
MBJ62100L1-WIDEFIELD 10X EYEPIECE ESD (for L150)400.00New In BoxNikonEyepiece
83376C-HEAT FILTER for 83378 Filter Holder5.00New in BoxNikonFiber Optic
96202Imaging Filter Set F/8-P100.00UsedNikonFilter
99719C1 Scan Head Dichroic Mirror for Reflection10.00New In BoxNikonFilter
MBN31802Filter 33mm Nd2a 1/2 Trans.10.00Used In BoxNikonFilter
MBN31802Filter 33mm Nd2a 1/2 Trans.35.00New In BoxNikonFilter
MBN6670025MM NCB11 FILTER10.00New In BoxNikonFilter
96106Ef-4 B-2a Filter Cube650.00Used Missing?NikonFilter Set
96108Ef-4 G-2a Filter Cube650.00Used Missing?NikonFilter Set
96110Ef-4 G-1b Filter Cube300.00Used Missing?NikonFilter Set
96160Ef-4 Dapi/Fitc (d-F) Filter300.00UsedNikonFilter Set
41002CTRITC (Rhodamine) with narrow-with Red Shifted Emission600.00NikonFilter Set
96300C-FL UV-1A Filter Set in 91002 Cube350.00New In Box- in 91002NikonFilter Set
96188Ef-4 Cyan Gfp Filter in 91001 cube500.00New In BoxNikonFilter Set
96190Ef-4 Endow Gfp Hyq LP Filter in 91001 cube350.00New In BoxNikonFilter Set
96160Ef-4 Dapi/Fitc (d-F) Filter in 91001 cube350.00New In BoxNikonFilter Set
96166Ef-4 Dapi/Fitc/Texas Red (d-F-T) Filter in 91001 cube350.00New In BoxNikonFilter Set
MBE25311Hmx-4 Lamphouse100.00UsedNikonIllumination Accessory
MBE75221D-LH/LC Precentered LH Ti200.00Used in BoxNikonIllumination Accessory
MBF12321Hbo 100w Power Supply 100-240v500.00UsedNikonIllumination Accessory
MBF72300100w Adapter A f/TE200050.00UsedNikonIllumination Accessory
MBF72300100w Adapter A f/TE200050.00NewNikonIllumination Accessory
MBF72655C-HGFI Intensilight HG Illum1200.00Used In Box NikonIllumination Accessory
MEE49910Te-Ds 30w Dia Illuminator100.00New In BoxNikonIllumination Accessory
MXA20425Fxa-Hmx2 Adapter F/Halogen400.00Used in BoxNikonIllumination Accessory
87532Hbo 100w Power Supply 100-240v1000.00NikonIllumination Fluorescence
MXA22058Glass Stage Ring Center Hole 32mm100.00UsedNikonInverted Stage
MXA22067T-SHN 54mm Stage Handle Knob for TE2000120.00New in BoxNikonInverted Stage
MBF75000Ergo Controller for 90i1600.00Used In BoxNikonMicroscope
MBC7900090i Condenser Holder D-CH250.00UsedNikonMicroscope Accessory
MBE15003Collector Lens F/Quartz150.00New In BoxNikonMicroscope Accessory
MXA20740C-Cel Booster/Expander Lens50.00New in BoxNikonMicroscope Accessory
MXA22015Fine Focus Extension E400/60020.00New in BoxNikonMicroscope Accessory
MXA22054TE2000E Remote Focus350.00UsedNikonMicroscope Accessory
MXB25046C-Airtight Rubber Eyepiece Ring3.00New in BoxNikonMicroscope Accessory
MXB21557Te-C Nh Module F/High Na Water100.00New in BoxNikonMicroscope Accessory
MAP59400E1000 7 Place Motor Nosepiece100.00UsedNikonNosepiece
MBP73320D-ND6 DIC Sextuple Nosepiece1150.00Used In BoxNikonNosepiece
79169Cf Achro P100x Objective50.00NikonObjective 160mm
787315X M-Plan Objective60.00NikonObjective 210mm
7874220x BD Plan Objective50.00NikonObjective 210mm
MRD01901CFI Plan Apo VC 100x Oil Objective4000.00Used in BoxNikonObjective Lens
MRH07240Plan-Fluor 20x Objective MI2000.00Used in BoxNikonObjective Lens
MRP71900Objective Cfi E Plan 100x Oil, N.A. 1.25180.00UsedNikonObjective Lens
MUU10152I-BD PLAN APO 150X Objective400.00Used in BoxNikonObjective Lens
MUE00500Cfi Lu Plan Epi 50x100.00New In BoxNikonObjective Lens
MSB61900Cf Achro Dl 100x, Na 1.25, Wd 0.14mm3 Objective150.00New In BoxNikonObjective Lens
MRD31400Cfi Plan Apo Dm 40x Oil Objective3400.00New In BoxNikonObjective Lens
MBN62922Optiphot 200/300 Rotatable ANALYZER350.00New In BoxNikonPolarizer
MBN75200Ir-Isa Simple Dic Analyzer200.00New In BoxNikonPolarizer
MEN62920TME2 Analyzer F/Epiphot300.00New In BoxNikonPolarizer
MBC71501C-SSR Rect Rotatable Stage RH700.00Used in BoxNikonStage
MBC76100DSE Motorized XY Stage3000.00Used in BoxNikonStage
MEC54000T-SP Plain Stage250.00UsedNikonStage
99882E-RFA Adapter for TE2000 Ergo Adapter400.00UsedNikonStage Accessory
MBC75010C-HR2 Holder Right Long Finger100.00Used in BoxNikonStage Accessory
MBC75050DHL Specimen Holder for Motorized Stage/MBC7610090.00Used in BoxNikonStage Accessory
79512Wafer Holder 6"20.00New In BoxNikonStage Accessory Semiconductor
MEC55000T-SAM Attachable Mechanical Stage750.00UsedNikonStage Inverted
92620Plain Stage For 80i & 50i240.00UsedNikonStage Upright
MNB42110P-Low Eyelevel Binocular900.00Used In BoxNikonStereo Binocular
MMH31000G-Ergonmic Changeable Objective100.00Used In BoxNikonStereo Objective
MNH43000P 1x Ergonomic Objective50.00New In BoxNikonStereo Objective
MNH43000P 1x Ergonomic Objective100.00Used In BoxNikonStereo Objective
MNH45100P-Hr Plan Apo 1x Objective1350.00Used In BoxNikonStereo Objective
76265Smz-10 Focus Mount25.00UsedNikonStereo Stand
MMD31000C-PS PLAIN FOCUSING STAND200.00UsedNikonStereo Stand
MND43250C-Bds Bd Base1000.00Used In BoxNikonStereo Stand
MNA43000Smz-1500 Zoom Body3000.00Used In BoxNikonStereozoom Body
97246TIRF DM & Emission Filter Set850.00New In BoxNikonTIRF
97253C-FL TIRF Cube 561 Line1100.00New In BoxNikonTIRF
MXA22074TIRF 2 Stage Up Lens TE1200.00Used in BoxNikonTIRF
MBB72110Y-Tb Binocular Tube350.00UsedNikonTube Binocular
MDB42100P-Tb Binocular Tube500.00UsedNikonTube Binocular
MBB12110Binocular B2 Head150.00NikonTube camera
MBB73110Y-TT Trinocular Tube T1350.00UsedNikonTube Trinocular
XF115-2LP FITC Set w. Metal Cube300.00Omega OpticalFilter Set
XF100-2EXC104FITC Filter Set w. TE/Ti Cube450.00Omega OpticalFilter Set
PL-A662CColor 1/2" 1.3mp Camera300.00Used in boxPixelinkCamera
500-H648SPHolder, 1"x3" Slide OR OR 35mm Petri Dish700.00New, No PackagingPrior ScientificMotorized Accessory
500-H122NFocus Drive, Standard150.00New, No PackagingPrior ScientificMotorized Accessory
CY3-4040B-NTE-ZEROBrightline Zero - ECY3 Filter Set in TE-Ti Cube715.00Includes 91002 Ti cubeSemrock Inc.Filter Set
YFP-2427-NTE-ZEROYFP Filter Set in TE-Ti Cube415.00Includes 91002 Ti cubeSemrock Inc.Filter Set
DAPI-1160A-NTE-0DAPI Filter Set600.00Includes 91002 Ti cubeSemrock Inc.Filter Set
FITC-3540B-NQF-ZEROFITC-3540B-NQF-ZERO500.00Includes 91001 metal cubeSemrock Inc.Filter Set
LF488LP-A-000Longpass Unmounted Full Set500.00Semrock Laser Set New In Box w/o CubeSemrock Inc.TIRF
LF405LP-A-000Bandpass Unmounted Full Set500.00Semrock Laser Set New In Box w/o CubeSemrock Inc.TIRF
LF561LP-A-000LongPass Unmounted Full Set500.00Semrock Laser Set New In Box w/o CubeSemrock Inc.TIRF
75015Sunnex Uv Filter20.00Sunnex Inc.Filter Blocking
10-N85-ECExcitation Adapter for 80i200.00New, No PackagingSutter Instrument Co.Shutter
10-N27-EMEmission Adapter for TE2000150.00New, No PackagingSutter Instrument Co.Shutter
35-N29-TLTi Trans Shutter Adptr (cond)250.00New, No PackagingSutter Instrument Co.Shutter
VA-D3Shutter Drive Control, 3 Channel750.00New In BoxVincent AssoicatesShutter
VA-PC-D1Serial CAble for VA-D350.00New In BoxVincent AssoicatesShutter
MCA71201E100 Set 120v R - Complete Set Brightfield Binocular Package
Consists of:
E100 Main Body with built in mechanical stage
(includes: power cord, manual, dust cover, 6v 20w bulb)
Stage & Stage Finger
Binocular Eyepiece Tube
2ea 10x Eyepieces
4x, 10x, 40x, 100x BE Plan Objectives
1.25na Abbe Condenser
33mm Blue Filter
Immersion Oil
Power Cord
6v - 20w Halogen Lamp
Instruction Manual
950.00Used In BoxNikonMicroscope
MQA11010DS-Fi1 Digital Camera HeadUsed In BoxNikonCamera