Thorburn RGB Illuminator

Thorburn Illumination Systems RGB40 illuminator


Applications for the Thorburn Illumination Systems RGB40 illuminator.

  • Color imaging of histologically stained specimens using a B&W camera.
  • B&W imaging of phase contrast, DIC or dark field samples.  When compared to a traditional halogen illuminator, the images acquired with the RGB40 should have noticeably more contrast at the low end of the histogram.
  • Time lapse imaging in either phase contrast or DIC.  A RGB40 illuminator will take the place of a motorized shutter in time lapse applications.  The RGB40 has no moving parts and will not impart vibrations to your sample.
  • The RGB40 can be triggered via TTL pulses for high speed blanking applications.  The RGB40 will significantly out perform a motorized shutter.
  • The RGB40 can be ordered when the liquid crystal filter on a Diagnostic Instruments Spot camera fails.  The RGB40 is controlled using Spot Advanced + software.  With the liquid crystal filter removed and our custom optic installed, your fluorescent exposures will be up to 5 times shorter, you can image the near IR markers such as CY5 and your color imaging will improve!

Presently, Thorburn Illumination Systems illuminators can be mounted on the following microscope stands:

  • Nikon TS100
  • Nikon E800
  • Nikon 80i
  • Nikon 90i
  • Nikon TE2000
  • Nikon Ti-S, Ti-U and Ti-E stands
  • Nikon Ni




Thorburn Illumination RGB Illuminator