XCite 120LED


High Power, Broad-Spectrum LED solution for Fluorescence Microscopy

X-Cite® 120LED


The new X-Cite® 120LED brings a whole new perspective to LED illumination with no compromise. The 120LED offers superior optical power and exceptional field uniformity at the specimen level with the broadest spectrum of fluorescence illumination through manual, PC and TTL control. With LEDs guaranteed for 25,000 hours and no lamps or modules to replace, X-Cite® 120LED offers sheer simplicity and convenience to researchers allowing them to focus on their experiments instead of equipment maintenance.

Features & Benefits

-High Power LEDs  -Efficient fluorophore excitation

-Broad Spectrum   -Excitation of a variety of fluorophores

-Excellent Field Uniformity -Reliable image data

-Instant ON/OFF (electronic shuttering) -No warm-up, no vibration from mechanical shuttering

-Several Control Options -Manual, USB, TTL, 3rd party software

-Direct Coupling -Maximum light transmission to sample

-LED Technology -Long-life, stable, reliable, maintenance-free

-Unmatched Thermal Management -Vibration-free imaging

-Simple Operation  -Fingertip control, no training required

-Less Toxic Waste  -No mercury disposal issues

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