X-Cite Exacte

X-Cite® exacte

Ultra Stable Fluorescence Light Source for Microscope Illuminationx-cite_exacteThe X-Cite® exacte ultra stable fluorescence light source employs a DC-powered mercury lamp coupled with proprietary Closed-Loop Feedback technology to provide unmatched short and long-term intensity stability, for imaging protocols lasting from milliseconds to days. With the X-Cite® Optical Power Measurement System, light output can also be calibrated in absolute power units (watts), ensuring truly repeatable fluorescence illumination for imaging experiments.

Features & Benefits

-DC lamp with Closed-Loop Feedback -Short and long-term intensity stability

-Calibration via optional Power Meter -Provides output in watts for consistent illumination and empirical repeatability

-Adjustable Iris with 1% steps -Intensity control limits photobleaching

-Internal High Speed Shutter -Flexibility in configuring imaging systems for different applications

-Liquid Light Guide – Excellent illumination uniformity, no heat transferred to microscope

-Automatic Light Guide Detection -Ensures proper/complete insertion of light guide to optimize performance and lifetime

-Pre-aligned, 2000 hour lamp -Easy lamp replacement with no alignment required, lower running costs

-Intelli-Lamp® Technology -Maintains optimum lamp temperature; tracks lamp hours

-Computer Control & GUI -Enables computer-driven applications and stability data exporting

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