Galvo Miniscanner

Galvo Miniscanner

Fast FRAP and Photoactivation

The Galvo Miniscanner is an ideal accessory for a Nikon Ti-E inverted microscope imaging system requiring flexible region-of-interest stimulation experiments. Utilizing a pair of fast scanning mirrors, near-diffraction limit laser

light can be rastered at high speed at the specimen plane to accomplish a variety of stimulation experiments. Easy setup and high performance make the Galvo Miniscanner a great option for confocal or widefield imaging applications.

Fast Scanning

The miniscanner drives at over 1KHz to insure fast rastering of user-defined shapes, supporting up to 25 simulation regions-of-interest in a field of view, including complex polygons.

Line and Point Stimulation

With appropriate laser hardware, draw lines for ablation or multiple spots in field of view.

Easy Calibration

Simple 3 point calibration routine insures high precision and accuracy with the objective lens, detector, and experiment setup you choose.

Acquire Images while bleaching or stimulating

Coupled with the Stage-up configuration of the Nikon Ti-E inverted microscope, you can use the miniscanner and acquire images simultaneously with no delay between pre-and pos- stimulation imaging.

Up to 3 Stimulation Groups

Up to 3 different stimulation groups can be defined, each utilizing a different pixel dwell time.

Live Point or ROI stimulation

Stimulate a point or region-of-interest “live”, or in an experiment with predefined frequency and duration.

Easy Upgrade Path

Nikon Ti-E microscope users can add a stage-up kit and retrofit the miniscanner to existing microscope stands. The miniscanner also compliments the Agilent MLC400B dual fiber laser launch perfectly for fast sequential imaging and stimulation through 2 output fibers.

Compatible with all imaging modalities

The miniscanner is a versatile tool that can be combined with point scanners, field scanners, or widefield imaging systems.