Spot Xplorer Camera

SPOT Xplorer™ Camera

Deep Cooled CCD Camera Spot Xplorer digital camera

The SPOT Xplorer Peltier-cooled CCD camera offers the highest level of regulated cooling in its class with extremely low dark current, providing tremendous performance for extremely long exposures.

The Xplorer uses the Sony ICX 285 sensor that provides great sensitivity, especially in the near IR. The CCD sensor has deep pixel wells, providing high dynamic range to maximize your signal.

SPOT Xplorer features:

  • Regulated Peltier cooling to –42°C (below zero) for extremely long exposures with virtually no dark current
  • Dual speed, low noise readout
  • High speed PCI Express data transfer
  • 14-bit data conversion
  • High dynamic range
  • Compatibility with multiple imaging software packages
  • Available in monochrome and color slider models

Choose the SPOT Xplorer CCD camera for your most demanding low light applications when you can accept…