Upright Microscopes


LV-UDM Series

A universal microscope bringing together Nikon’s world renowned CFI60 and CFI LU60 optical systems.

The Eclipse LV-UDM Universal Design Microscope is a breakthrough universal microscope platform – able to meet the demands of the academic and industrial fields. With its newly designed turret condenser and motorized nosepiece, the LV-UDM is a unique multifunctional microscope that can be used in bioscience and material science applications without the need to change hardware.

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An upright digital microscope with modular solutions for industrial inspection.

The advanced optics, digital capabilities, and modular design of the Eclipse LV150 Series microscopes allows an unprecedented level of versatility and flexibility that enables them to cover a wide variety of products and applications extending from development and quality control to manufacturing inspection. These microscopes provide superb performance when inspecting semiconductors, flat panel displays, packages, electronics substrates, materials, medical devices, and a variety of other samples.

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