Live Cell Confocal

Yokagawa Spinning Disk From Andor

The Revolution WD and XD

  • Live cell confocal
  • Inverted & upright
  • Fully flexible solutions

The only solution when life is so precious

The Revolution WD delivers an outstanding field of view combined with unrivalled depth of focus, ideal for large or thick specimens. With a new disk design the Revolution WD produces high contrast imaging from low to high magnification, supporting the broadest range of samples and applications than ever before. This is the perfect choice for neuroscience, developmental biology, embryology, stem cell research, in-vivo imaging and core facilities.

In the Revolution XD we have integrated the CSU-X into a solution that offers the highest speeds and sensitivity for live cell imaging, optimized for high magnification cellular studies. The XD range is ideal for fast imaging applications such as vesicle tracking, calcium imaging, and cell motility.

In offering the new Neo sCMOS and iXon Ultra EMCCD with the Revolution XD and WD range we can offer unprecedented versatility for your research needs, meeting high speed and high resolution demands. We also manufacture many complementary devices such as laser combiners, camera adapters and our active illumination portfolio. Therefore, we offer the full complement of tools for your research needs, ensuring optimum performance and support.

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Andor Laser Free

Revolution® DSD

  • Laser-free confocal
  • Microscope and Macroscope
  • Universal confocal module

 Laser-free confocal microscopy

Andor’s Revolution DSD is an innovative hybrid of spinning disk technology and structured illumination. This unique laser-free design delivers a budget friendly confocal solution to your laboratory. A simple device, which can even be added to an existing fluorescence microscope in your lab, the Revolution DSD means that confocal imaging can be a routine technique in your own lab. Whilst laser-free, the Revolution DSD can still achieve the optical sectioning and image quality you expect of a complex laser scanning confocal system, but with low maintenance costs. Furthermore, it does not need an expert to run it!

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CrEST X-Light Laser Free

CrEST X-Lite Spinning Disk Confocal

The CrEST X-Lite represents an evolutionary improved Nipkow spinning disk confocal scanner coupled with modern high intensity multi-wavelength solid state illumination sources. The result is affordable confocal imaging with access to numerous excitation wavelengths with easy software control. The X-Lite is an ideal instrument for use with EMCCD detectors and can be retrofitted to existing microscope setups, making it a flexible and cost- effective confocal solution.

Flexible Design for various experiments

The X-Lite is a 10,000 RPM spinning disk with 2 pinhole patterns on the disk, allowing users to select the appropriate pinhole size to complement the objective lens numerical aperture or experiment protocol used.

Motorized Components for automated acquisition

A motorized bypass mode, dichroic mirror, and pinhole size selector make the X-Lite easy to automate for a variety of experiments.

Long-life, bright light source

Utilizing a solid state or LED based illumination, the X-Lite supports a wide array of excitation wavelengths with very long lifetimes. Illumination input to the X-Lite is multimode, producing flat, even illumination in the field-of-view. These light sources are fast switching for dynamic multichannel experiments, while still maintaining a very low cost to own and maintain.

Great Upgrade for existing systems

The X-Lite is a cost-effective upgrade path for existing widefield imaging setups, offering users confocal imaging with the capability for bypass at any time for widefield or brightfield imaging. It is ideal for inverted microsocope stands.

Easy to Use

An NIS-Elements plug-in for the X-Lite makes it a very easy to learn and use device for imaging. Result data can be further deconvolved with NIS-Elements 3D deconvolution (optional), with specific algorithms for the X-Lite’s result point spread function. The X-Lite is compatible with multidimensional acquisition, large image XY stitching applications, well plate scanning (HCA) and can be integrated on multimode systems to share a microscope stand with point scanners or super resolution systems.

Key Features:

  • A single disk head with 2 pinhole sizes for different objective numerical apertures (software selectable)
  • A bypass mode (software controlled)
  • Motorized dichroic mirror
  • Multi-mode excitation light input. This is the concept made popular by the “Borealis” upgrade to CSU spinning disk systems. This allows for very flat field, even illumination.
  • Solid state light sources. Works with Lumencor SpectraX and LDGI XLED for a low cost multichannel solution.
  • Push-button as well as NIS-Elements software controls for motorized components.
  • 10,000 RPM disk for use with high speed sensors.

The X-Lite is ideal for use with EMCCD cameras. Because of the confocal nature of this device, out of focus light is rejected, and intensities of remaining signal can be low. For this reason, EMCCD’s are strongly recommended.

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