Nikon & Research Instruments LTD Enter into a Relationship

In the interest of delivering a more seamless experience for microscope users working in the fields of  in-vitro fertilization, assisted reproduction technology and transgenic research, we are pleased to announce that Nikon Instruments has entered into a relationship with Research Instruments, LTD. (RI), to become their exclusive distributor in the U.S. Research Instruments is a progressive and dynamic international company based in the UK, specializing in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge technology and medical devices for the field of IVF. RI has been in business for over 50 years, leading the field in specialized hardware, technology and consumables for the fertility sector and more recently the life sciences. The two products to benefit from the distribution partnership include RI’s Saturn 5 ™ and Integra 3 ™ systems, which were recently upgraded in time for the Nikon partnership and to work seamlessly on Nikon’s inverted microscope platform. Features such as Saturn’s moveable laser feature and Integra’s advanced Thermosafe ™ heating system to maintain sample quality, increase precision, and streamline ease of use. Both these products reflect both Nikon’s and RI’s shared focus on delivering an enhanced user experience to all customers…

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