Confocal Microscopes

Nikon C2+ Confocal

Nikon’s next generation point scanning confocal microscope system offers faster scanning, powerful new features and vastly expanded spectral imaging capabilities.

Built on a reputation of incredible stability coupled with superior optical technologies, the C2+ with its host of functions and various analytical capabilities is the perfect tool for a new microscope, or as a new accessory to a Nikon imaging system. Now fully controlled by NIS-Elements imaging software, the system includes four channel confocal fluorescence imaging, and vastly expanded spectral capabilities with the ability to capture and unmix data acquired at any channel resolution across the entire detector bandwidth.

System Highlights

  • Amazing image quality, flexibility, and modularity
  • Optimized scanning accuracy and speed
  • Imaging speeds up to 100fps
  • Four channel confocal fluorescence
  • True “One Shot” quantitative 32 channel spectral imaging with accuracy and sensitivity
  • 2.5nm, 5nm, or 10nm spectral resolution
  • Linear spectral unmixing of 3 channel or 4 channel images from the standard fluorescence detector

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Nikon A1 HD25/A1R HD25Confocal

A confocal microscope that captures images with a 25 mm field of view, nearly twice the area of conventional point scanners.

Capturing images of large samples such as tissues, organs and live model organisms requires both extending the detectable area of cellular responses and increasing image capture speed. The A1 HD25/A1R HD25 confocal microscope has the largest field of view (25 mm) in its field, enabling users to expand the limits of scientific research.

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Nikon CSU-W1 Confocal

Ultra‐Wide Field of View

Field of view of CSU-W1 is nearly 4 times that of the CSU-X1, making it ideal for large area scanning applications and low magnification imaging of large specimens.  This large field of view is a perfect match for large format sensors.

Enhanced Signal‐to‐Noise Ratio

A new pinhole design significantly reduces pinhole crosstalk, which is particularly important with thicker specimens.

Flexible Configurations

CSU-W1 can be configured with one or two pinhole-sizes (50um, 25um, or both disks) to cover a wider range of objective magnifications.  The 25um pinhole size allows imaging of lower magnifications and larger fields of view than ever before, for confocal imaging of larger specimens

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Nikon CSU-X1 Confocal

Fast Imaging

10,000 RPM disk speed allows for imaging up to 2000 Hz.

Efficient Light Path

The highly efficient beam shaper lens and improved dichroic mirrors allow the use of lower power lasers and shorter exposure times


Nikon CSU-X1 SoRa Confocal

Optical Pixel Reassignment is ideal for fast imaging

Super-resolution images are acquired optically, on any sample, without special preparations or computation.  This allows image collection to be limited only by the sample’s signal-to-noise ratio and the exposure time of the detector. Video rate or faster super resolution imaging is possible

Spinning Disk Super Resolution by Optical Pixel Reassignment


Crest X-Light V2 Top Performance

Latest development of Spinning disk Confocal System LED and LASER Sources compatible

The X-Light V2Tp Confocal Imager offers:

  • Full compatibility with all inverted and upright Microscopes
  • Plug-in Spinning Disk Box (possibility to change pinhole pattern in few seconds)
  • Use of Custom Relay Lenses for large Field of view aberrations mitigation
  • Full compatibility with Crest VCS (Video Confocal Super-resolution) module for 3D resolution enhancement

Still with unmatched price/performance ratio.

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